Why you and your family need
Munch Crunch Organics

Like you, we at Munch Crunch Organics are concerned about a range of issues to do with food and health.

Here are just ten reasons to buy our yummy produce.

It’s healthier - for you and your kids. Scientific studies show that on average, organic food gives you higher levels of vitamin C and essential minerals such as calcium, magnesium, iron and chromium as well as cancer-fighting antioxidants.
Avoids pesticides – Chemical pesticides have been repeatedly linked to various cancers, and dietary exposures are an unnecessary burden on your body. Government tests suggest that one in every four items of food you buy contains traces of pesticides. 150 of the commonly used pesticides are potentially cancer causing. Chemical pesticides are banned in organic farming.
Artificial fertiliser FREE - organic farming bans the use of artificial fertilisers, which pollute our waters. Organic farmers fertilise their fields by rotating their crops, using compost, and planting crops, which naturally feed nitrogen to the soil.
High standards - Organic food comes from trusted sources. All organic farms are inspected by an independent third party at least once a year. The standards for organic food are laid down in Australian law.
Food Miles - Industrial agribusiness has destroyed much of the fabric of our food culture over the last 50 years. Today we live in a world of anonymous, commodity food centrally processed and distributed by huge trucks with an enormous energy cost. Buying locally means we save the huge energy cost and re-cycle money within our local communities.
Protect the Countryside - Organic farmers work with nature. Trees, hedges, and wide un-farmed field edges are important on organic farms. These provide habitats for natural predators such as beetles, spiders and birds, which help control pests.
Climate Change - Farming is a major source of emissions, which are responsible for climate change. Organic farming delivers real benefits where emissions are concerned. A UK Government study found organic farms use 30 – 40% less energy than non-organic farms.
Fair employment - A report carried out by the University of Essex, UK, found that organic farms provide almost 50% more jobs per farm than non-organic farms. At Munch Crunch Organics we employ a number of people from the local community and provide a fair and equitable place to work.
Avoid GM - Organic food and farming prohibits the growing of any GM (Genetically Modified) crops and the use of any GM products. Buying from Munch Crunch Organics is a good way to avoid GM.
Top for taste - Many people buy organic food because they believe it tastes better than non-organic. Organic fruit and vegetables tend to grow more slowly and have a-lower water content, which contributes to the fuller flavour some people experience.


Our Promise

All our produce is certified organic. We also aim to source all of our products from farms and suppliers in our bioregion only, however when unavailable due to weather conditions we source produce from other trusted organic farmers in different bioregions.’